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Cynthia LaRowe to Lead People & Change Practice

Bridge Partners is proud to announce the addition of Cynthia LaRowe to our Seattle, Washington office. Cynthia joins Bridge as a Practice Lead, responsible for the firm’s People & Change practice, which focuses on helping our clients align goals and roles, optimize organization, and excel at change. Cynthia brings more than two decades of experience leading global businesses at Microsoft and Starbucks and as a People & Change consultant across multiple functions and industries. Cynthia specializes in defining and implementing strategies that set companies apart to radically improve their results.

Richard Albrecht, Bridge Partners CEO, said, "Cynthia brings an innovative point of view to Bridge. She has a unique ability to translate business objectives into people and change strategies that are relevant and meaningful today. Her breadth of business and consulting experience gives her deep familiarity with the challenges our clients face. With Cynthia’s leadership and expertise, Bridge and our clients have new capabilities to address those challenges.”

As Cynthia builds a practice focused on people and change, she will help clients:

  • March in the same direction by developing strategic plans that ensure leaders are aligned and communicate how employees contribute to achieving them 
  • Organize for success by creating structures and roles that help people engage, collaborate, and innovate in the modern workplace 
  • “Talk their walk” by defining how employees are expected to act, what they should experience, the stories they should tell, and tools to reinforce them 
  • Line people up right by assessing what talent is needed, who is already onboard, and how to address any gaps between them 
  • Accelerate through change by providing a structured approach to help organizations and individuals transition from current to future states 
  • Make smart decisions on the move by using facts and perception to assess the scope and impact of change 
  • Build change “muscle and flexibility” by establishing a disciplined and integrated approach and developing critical capabilities to drive ongoing change

To start a conversation and learn more about People & Change, contact our Seattle office.

Since 2006, Bridge Partners has distinguished itself as a national leader in business consulting with offices in Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, and Austin.

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